NYC DOB Permits

Department of Buildings – In order to construct and install an awning in New York City, you have to obtain a permit. Do not get caught without a permit – the DOB has hefty fines and will make you remove them.

If other awning companies telling you they can do it without a permit or install it on Sunday DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. You need to have a company that is a licensed awning installer.

Obtaining your NYC awning permit.

Two main components to the awning permit application are as follows:

•The application form. This has to carry notarized signatures of a licensed awning installer as well as your landlord.

•Drawings that depict in detail how you propose to construct and install your NYC awning. That includes elevations and attachment details.

Permits is not just for brand new awnings.

You also need a permit for your existing awning if you want to just recover them with new fabric or any modifications.

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